Apoorva & Karthik

Apoorva & Karthik

Apoorva & Karthik

This for us was one of the most awaited weddings, for the simple reason that the bride was someone who we have admired over the last few years. She is elegant, smart, confident, super fit, very talented – and has proved her mettle in everything she does. So imagine my excitement when she chose us to shoot her wedding. She is also a perfectionist – from every little detail to the bigger things, we learnt over all our interactions, she was on top of it all.

The groom – Karthik was warm, spirited so much fun! And Karthiks close friends, who flew down from New York, matched his high spirits. At the sundowner, they let their hair down and danced till the sun came up, despite their unfamiliarity with the Bollywood songs. And when the dance floor couldn’t contain their excitement; they clambered onto the top of the bar to shake and shimmy to item numbers.

The second day of the celebrations was the wedding, and waking up before dawn and being expected to look beautiful is no easy affair, but the bride handled this seemingly insurmountable task with apparent ease. The early morning wedding venue in a vast expanse of sun kissed green, attended by close family and friends.

The reception was a heart-warming affair. Friends and family met with the newlyweds to congratulate them and wish them happiness. Brought together by the bride and groom, the guests reached out with ease to people they didn’t know, and left with new acquaintances and friends.

Apoorva’s friends and cousins channelled their energy differently than Karthik’s. They exuberantly participated in the sangeet, and although the number that Apoorva and her friends performed wowed the audience, it was the bride’s father-daughter dance that stole the show. The unique combination of intimacy and playfulness with which the father and the bride did their dance routine warmed everybody in the audience. There was nothing quite as rewarding as looking back on those sequence of shots.

The night ended with another dance party. The joy of a happy wedding translated into enthusiastic participation from everyone young and old, closing this incredible 2-day wedding on a high note.

We feel so lucky that we got to capture the moments of joy, celebration and togetherness of this unconventionally traditional wedding, and we wish Apoorva and Karthik the best.

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