Workshops at Capture Life have been tailor made by Namrata to help you improve your photography skills whatever your level of experience. We start with something as basic as how to hold your camera and teach you how to get adept at using your DSLR/digital camera, and finally help you discover and recognise your style. These workshops came about as Namrata struggled in the initial years with her camera and various aspects of photography, and formatted these workshops to help people to take their interest in photography further. And over the last 5 years, her workshops have become incredibly popular.


Photography became a new found passion of mine, which I developed recently. I got inspired to take it up from encouraging comments from my friends and family when I took simple pictures of them. When my mother told me about this workshop, and motivated me to go for it, I was unsure whether I was going to like it or not.

It turns out that it was really helpful and I thoroughly enjoyed learning about photography. The teacher was very nice and each day with her was very engaging.

I really liked it, and learnt so much from the sessions. My fellow peers were friendly and helpful. The learning environment was also fun. I think it’s safe to say that I really enjoyed the classes, and learnt so much from them. I plan on continuing and nurtuting this passion under the able guidance of Namrata mam

Ankitha Chebiyam

It was a very interesting course as we followed a theoretical and practical method that provided a hands on approach, enabling us to execute accurately and professionally. The variety of activities aimed to procure an understanding of photography through several fun filled exercises helped,as well.

Arushi Mehta

I really enjoyed the workshop as it gave me a chnace to learn about hte technical aspects of
my camera while allowing me to get hands on experience while clikcing pictures in class. I helped me understand the basic features of my camera and how I can manipulate them to get a desired shot. It was a fun filled learning.

Divija Bansal

Namrata has always done a great job in capturing my special occasions. I cannot trust anyone else more than the way I do with you when it comes to taking the pics of my little ones. Thank you for giving some beautiful pics of the kids which are so precious for life!!
I wish you all the best Namrata!!

Deepthi Garikapati

I took a photography workshop because i wanted to be able to capture all my son’s special moments.. Studio Capture Life is a great teacher.. I was always intimidated by those buttons on a DSLR but thanks to Namrata, not anymore. I would recommend her workshop to anyone who has a camerea and is still shooting on auto mode or anyone who has even a little inclination towards photography. I have a new addiction now 🙂 

Arpita Gupta

Namrata makes photography simple, interesting and fun. She breaks it down into small bits that make it easy to understand. Have been really enjoying photography a lot more after attending her workshop. Would strongly suggest her workshop as a great way to get started. 

Dr Rishi Swarup

Really enjoyed the course. Now I see things so differently.. its like a whole new world! 

Sumeela Mody

Thanks Namrata! Had a really good time today and through the course/ A really good teacher inspires and you have done exactly that! 

Mona Ramavat