This section here is images that I love to shoot, at places I love to visit and a depiction of some of the experiences from my life.

Each one of these is very close to my heart, and this is a personal board of some of my favourite images shot by me.

This is another of the Hyderabad locations that I went exploring on a Sunday morning. I had to wait though, for the sun to come up and then keep my fingers crossed this man on a boat
I had to do a lot of crazy stuff to get this shot - stop on the side of this winding mountain road, and anyone who has visited the Himalayan belt would know that these roads are wide enough for only one car to pass. Then I had to stand on the edge, and try set up a tripod without getting knocked off the cliff. And then take about 15 shots Which I later stitched into this image. I always felt the moment was way more beautiful that the image. But then, it always is, if you really lived in it.
Silhouette of men at work, making the Hyderabad Metro Rail. I was commissioned by L&T to document the making of the metro. This was shot at dusk, and these men were at a height of about 30 feet. What beauty in this moment.
The first time I visited a jungle, I think I experienced culture shock. To be totally cut off from civilisation - and yet i never felt more alive. There were sounds of silence and each breath felt like a life in itself. Ive lived the city life all my life, but I think if I ever experienced pure bliss it was there. This is a shot of a leopard who was a total beauty, he was peeping out at us from behind this lush green foliage, and we couldn’t spot him for the longest time. After a point he got up and walked away - only to look back at us this once.
A lot of my mornings are spent driving around the city - and beyond city limits, finding a place which I could explore. Of course these trips are all inspired by my camera. One morning while following google maps, trying to find a water body, I chanced upon this little lake tucked in around an industrial area. Apart from the numerous birds found there, this old boat caught my eye.
Theres this thing about owls. I suspect its their eyes - which leads to their expression. I had to walk several times around this park, in the hopes of getting this guy to peep out. a brightly lit morning, wasn’t really easy to do that with heavy gear in hand. Thankfully, I did get my shot - which also quickly went into my favourites folder.
A rainy afternoon, and my (almost) hundredth trip to the tombs - and as always me awestruck at the architecture of that place. Any trip I make with my camera, the aim usually is to get one photograph that I feel is very distinctly different from anything i have ever shot. The sky was totally overcast, and light was flat - and I remember wishing for something that could render a certain amount of drama to them image. As I skirted this puddle to walk towards this tomb I saw this puddle - and a reflection of the tomb. This image was the first photo I ever printed when it was selected for a photography exhibition, in Hyderabad.
My love for old structures and monuments took me to the Jantar Mantar, and red brick finished walls with lines and angles had me in total awe. if only walls could talk!! A marvellous place and a delight to shoot - one that I find my self going back to each time I visit Delhi.
Hyderabads skyline and skies can be very gorgeous - predominantly between may through till feb. And if you wait evening after evening - you will see a transition of skies and clouds - and one of those days you will be rewarded by a sunset this brilliant, like I was, one august afternoon.