Furniture is a being on its own – it can brighten your house or sober it up. Dress it up or dress it down, it’s there to accessorize your home.

In its essentials, Theorie is no different. Against the sombre contemporary furniture, with its sleek finish and unfeeling colour blocks, Theorie furniture stands incandescent, with its old worldly charm that managed to transport one to the past and rendered me spellbound.

With the intricate details adopted from cultures wide and far, these eclectic pieces prove the powers of restoration can very simply accent your home. Furniture isn’t something I’ve had a lot of experience shooting, but something about these pieces drew me in. Experimenting with layout, background and props, I shot a series of pictures that quietly heroed the quiddity of the individual pieces – from the meticulous metallic carvings etched into the wooden cabinets to the inscriptions entwined by wirework. From precariously teetering on high ladders for the perfect top shot to agonizing over the burden of hauling cabinets, tables and what not from one end of the sprawling house to the other merely to compliment the vibrant green hues of the garden to offset the unorthodox array of patterns on the idiosyncratic creation, we spent hours endeavouring to create a portfolio that portrayed only teasing hints of what’s more to come.

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